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Our program currently includes a small number of AMHA/AMHR/Shetland Cross Mares and AMHR/Shetland Cross Mares.  Our largest concentration is our ASPC or ASPC/AMHR Show and Breeding Program. 


Young Horses

2018 Foals are due to begin arriving soon at Rocking Horse Acres


We also expect to have a few older Show & Breeding Prospects available over the next few months as we move into spring and the weather allows for more trimming-up of the coming yearlings.


Senior Horses 

Currently, we have a few broodmares available.  Our mares are often available open or bred, usually depending on the time year.  With the 2018 foaling season upon us, our current available mares are being offered open or in foal for 2019.

At this time of year, broodmare availability and terms change almost daily so please contact me if you would our current broodmare listing.


In addition, we ocassionally have a horse or two needing a good home...a pet home, a show home or a great companion home.  Our retired broodmares have a forever home here at RHA, but we may also be willing to place them in the right home for their retirement should the perfect situation arise.

If you may be a good fit for one of these horses, please get in touch.  If we don't have the right horse, we may know someone who does!